April 8, 2019

39 | All I Am Or Hope to Be

Sorry for the delay! This is one of TWO new Debriefs you'll get this week, doubling up on episodes to talk about!

3/4 of the DISCOVERY DEBRIEF panel — Chris Clow (Movies.com, Comics on Consoles), Rachael Clow (Biology PhD candidate), and Cicero Holmes (Spawn On Me Cast) — double up to discuss both "PROJECT DAEDALUS" and "THE RED ANGEL" in a single podcast episode!

These two episodes represent two highly turbulent emotional experiences. From the establishment of a character likely not seen since TNG's "LOWER DECKS," to the ultimate revelation of the RED ANGEL's true identity, these two episodes were not to be missed in weaving the narrative of DISCOVERY season two. Beyond the core relationships on display, we also saw powerful development in the dynamics between STAMETS and CULBER, BURNHAM and SPOCK, and even greater context for why the ENTERPRISE was (deliberately?!) kept out of the FEDERATION-KLINGON WAR from season one. We debrief these moments and more for you!

Plus, a tangential conversation starts us off telling you what we've been up to, and we share our opinions of recent superhero films CAPTAIN MARVEL and SHAZAM!

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