May 1, 2019

41 | Goodnight Til It Be Morrow

The DISCOVERY DEBRIEF panel — Chris Clow (, Comics on Consoles), Rachael Clow (Biology PhD candidate), Zaki Hasan (Zaki's Corner, MovieFilm Podcast), and Cicero Holmes (Spawn On Me Cast) — reunite to discuss the highly-awaited and surprising second two-part season finale for STAR TREK: DISCOVERY!

After a bit of a tangent discussing a galaxy far, far away, listen in on this episode starting at the 16:45 mark to learn about which DISCOVERY cast member endorses DISCOVERY DEBRIEF!

We've come to the end of a long journey, and our panel has a lot to say concerning the way that this show's second season ended. This finale has teed up a lot of possibilities for the STAR TREK franchise going forward, with a wholly new status quo awaiting DISCOVERY season 3, a SECTION 31 series that we know is coming, the PICARD-focused show premiering later this year, and potentially...1701? Listen as we all come to terms with what took place in the two-part finale, and listen to our predictions for STAR TREK in the future!

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