November 11, 2020

56 | Federation Lost?

In a special, fully-packed edition of DISCOVERY DEBRIEF, three members of our bold panel of STAR TREK franchise explorers — Rachael Clow (Biology PhD), Chris Clow (, The Comic Binge) and Cicero Holmes (Unlocked) — are joined by friend of the show SHAREEF JACKSON (Rivals of Waterdeep) to discuss three episodes of STAR TREK: DISCOVERY's third season: "Far From Home," "People of Earth" and "Forget Me Not!"

The crew of DISCOVERY have arrived in their new home in the year 3189, and being so far away from everything that they know and understand has been traumatic and debilitating. The Federation is lost, the galaxy engulfed in chaos, but hope persists and the unique technology aboard the now-antiquated vessel may give Starfleet a new chance at survival. Listen in as our panel unpacks all of the major events of these three episodes including crew trauma, the ship's new captain, a key new addition to the ensemble and a new conception of the STAR TREK universe!

Plus, stay tuned to the very end for a special message from a VERY surprise guest, thanks to Cicero and the Cameo service: Mr. DOUG JONES himself!

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