December 8, 2017

Episode 10 - Review: Season One, Chapter One

In a long-awaited episode, the DISCOVERY DEBRIEF panelists — Chris Clow (, Comics on Consoles), Rachael Clow (Biology PhD candidate), Zaki Hasan (Zaki's Corner, MovieFilm Podcast), and Cicero Holmes (Spawn On Me Cast) — return to break down every episode of STAR TREK: DISCOVERY between the introductory "The Vulcan Hello," and the cliffhanger "Into the Forest I Go!"

To help us out with having an in-depth conversation, joining the panelists is special guest KYLE SULLIVAN, creator of the terrific and acclaimed YouTube channel TREKSPERTISE to break down everything from the characters, to the plots, and even some conspiratorial guessing on where the show may pick things up in the new year.

PLUS: the panel reacts to the news that director QUENTIN TARANTINO may be the next cinematic steward of the STAR TREK franchise, and we break down what we feel this means for the franchise's future. You don't want to miss this one!

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