August 1, 2018

25.1 | Debrief’s Favorite Episodes, Part 2: Supplemental - Is Captain Picard Selfish?

In this quick supplemental entry to episode 25, co-host Chris Clow (, Comics on Consoles) winds the clocks back to 2014 to bring a very interesting discussion of STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION's "Tapestry" to a listening audience for the very first time!

One of Chris' oldest podcasting friends is BRAD LANGE, an insightful commentator on popular culture and a former cohort with Chris on both the BATMAN-ON-FILM and MODERN MYTH MEDIA podcasts. In this never-before-released discussion from the pilot episode of their planned collaboration, Chris and Brad discuss "Tapestry" from two wildly different perspectives. The key question brought up by Brad: is Captain Picard actually revealed by this episode to be egregiously selfish?

That, and an update on what you can expect next from Discovery Debrief on the heels of both COMIC-CON INTERNATIONAL and STAR TREK LAS VEGAS, as well as that incredible season two trailer for STAR TREK: DISCOVERY!

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