November 11, 2018

28 | Hormonal Space Rabbits

We have a new episode to review...kind of!

In this edition of DEBRIEF, our bold panel of STAR TREK franchise explorers  — Chris Clow (, Comics on Consoles), Rachael Clow (Biology PhD candidate), Zaki Hasan (Zaki's Corner, MovieFilm Podcast), and Cicero Holmes (Spawn On Me Cast) — unite to discuss "Runaway," the first episode of the new series SHORT TREKS that will help fill the gap between the first and second seasons of STAR TREK: DISCOVERY.

In a shorter, but varied conversation, we review the episode content itself, the nature of the SHORT TREKS format and what it adds — or doesn't — to the larger tapestry of STAR TREK canon, as well as bring up other examples of popular culture that attempted to expand their worlds beyond the realm of only one primary work. You might say...we took the red pill.

Look for an episode from us reviewing the second episode of SHORT TREKS, "Calypso," very soon, along with the continuation of our sub-series DEBRIEF'S FAVORITE EPISODES!

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