January 19, 2019

30 | Debrief’s Favorite Episodes, Part 4: Cicero - “Regeneration”

Our panel concludes its looks at their selections for all-time favorite STAR TREK episodes, with an unorthodox choice coming from panelist Cicero Holmes (Spawn On Me Cast): from season two of STAR TREK: ENTERPRISE, the BORG-centric quasi-sequel to STAR TREK: FIRST CONTACT known as "Regeneration!"

The full panel — Cicero, Chris Clow (Movies.com, Comics on Consoles), Rachael Clow (Biology PhD candidate), and Zaki Hasan (Zaki's Corner, MovieFilm Podcast) — talk about the continuity maneuvering performed by this episode to permit the BORG to terrorize pre-Federation, 22nd century Starfleet. Plus, the panel shares its perceptions of the widely polarizing ENTERPRISE series in the context of the franchise's history!

Finally, a news roundup, and a programming note concerning the IMMINENTLY ARRIVING examination of "Brother," the second season premiere of STAR TREK: DISCOVERY!

Music by Bensound.com. STAR TREK trademarks and related elements are owned by CBS Studios Inc., and are used expressly under "fair use" guidelines.

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